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    Code of Coduct

    Code of Conduct for students

    All the bonafide students are directed to be well acquainted with this Code. Ragging is an offence: any student found indulging in ragging or causing any other harassment to fellow student will have to face stern disciplinary action under the rules:
    • He/she shall be regular and abide by the rules and regulations of the institution.
    • He/she shall follow the dress code as prescribed in the college prospectus.
    • He/she will safeguard the college property and if damage is caused, the penalty will be decided accordingly by the College Development Committee.
    • He/she should in their own interest read the notices from time-to-time on the college notice boards.
    • Student remaining absent continuously for 15 days shall be fined under rules.
    • The students are prohibited from indulging in any and all forms of misconduct including but not limited to:
      • Any act of discrimination (physical or verbal conduct) based on an individual’s gender, caste, race, religion or religious beliefs, colour, region, language, disability, or sexual orientation, marital or family status, physical or mental disability, gender identity, etc.
      • Intentionally damaging or destroying college property or property of other students and/or faculty members/staff members.
      • Any disruptive activity in a class room or in an event sponsored/held in college. Unable to produce the college identity card, issued by the college, or refusing to produce it on demand by campus security guards

    Dos and Dont’s

    • Organizing meetings and processions with prior permission from the college head.
    • Unauthorized possession, carrying of any kind of weapon, which may pose a threat to students and college staff
    • Unauthorized possession or use of harmful chemicals and banned drugs.
    • Smoking in the College campus is strictly prohibited
    • Parking a vehicle in any other area, than parking area
    • Theft or unauthorized access to others resources
    • Engaging in disorderly, lewd, or indecent conduct, including, but not limited to, creating unreasonable noise; pushing and shoving; inciting or participating in a riot or group disruption at the Institute.
    • Students are expected not to interact, on behalf of the Institute, with media representatives or invite media persons on to the campus without the permission of the Institute authorities.
    • Students are not permitted to either audio or video record lectures in class rooms or actions of other students, faculty, or staff without prior permission.
    • Students are not permitted to provide audio and video clippings of any activity on the campus to media without prior permission.
    • Theft or abuse of the ICT tools such as computer and electronic communications facilities, systems, and services which includes unauthorized entry, use, tamper, etc.
    • Institute property or facilities, interference with the work of others is punishable.
    • Making a video/audio recording, taking photographs, or streaming audio/video of any person in a location where the person has a reasonable expectation of privacy, without that person’s knowledge and express consent.

    Breach of Code

    If there is a case against a student for a possible breach of code of conduct, case is handed over to disciplinary committee. After following proper guidelines, the committee recommends a suitable disciplinary action. Depending upon the nature of violation, student is counselled by college counselling and guidance cell. The committee may meet with the student to ascertain the misconduct and suggest one or more of the disciplinary actions based on the nature of misconduct

    Dress Code

    For male students:
    As decided by College Management at beginning of academic session.
    For Female students:
    As decided by College Management.

    Code of Conduct for College Staff

    College expects all the staff members to adhere to the standards of professionalism. Staff members who demonstrate unbecoming behaviour and does not comply with the minimal standards of professionalism shall be subject to the range of disciplinary actions by the administrative authority. Professional Conduct of institutional Staff is assessed in relation to
    • Job performance
    • Workplace conduct
    • Relationship with students
    • Relationship with faculty, colleagues, administrative stuffs, and the general public
    College expects that its employees will
    • Familiarize themselves with college policies that are relevant to their responsibilities
    • Adhere to those policies to the best of their ability
    • Assist and encourage others to adhere to the faculties (for example, directing a student to the appropriate channels)
    • Draw any kind of problem to the attention of the appropriate authority
    • Not to use abusive or obscene language
    • Not to make remarks or engage in behaviour that might reasonably be constructed as a violation of Human Rights code
    • Not to be engaged in behaviour or remarks that could reasonably be interpreted as threatening and will intervene if they witness such behaviour
    • Not to be disrespectful of others or intolerant of orders.
    • Not to promote their personal religious, political, social or business agendas.
    • To refrain from using work-time to promote personal, religious, political, social or business agendas.
    • Must apply professional and ethical standards while in their activities.
    • They must use computing and communication facilities and services only for the purposes for which they are authorized.
    • Technologies must not be used to access, use or distribute obscene, vulgar materials which might be perceived by others as harassment or intimidation.
    • They should maintain a supportive environment for working and learning.
    • Provide the Head of the Office with appropriate notice of requests for leave.
    • Demonstrate a concern for the appropriate use and maintenance of all equipment and stationaries provided by the college for various use.
    • Ensure that college services such as photocopying and postage are used only for college purposes.
    • will demonstrate courtesy, respect, patience and willingness to help in all their interaction with students, teachers, guardians, administrative personalities, general public in any context.
    • Strive actively to avoid conflict between themselves and any student.
    • In the event of conflict initiated by a student, the employee will maintain an open, non-confrontational attitude and attempt to resolve the problem at hand; otherwise, they should seek guidance from administrative staff.