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    Core Values

    Core Vlaues

    The college is committed to build a relationship among stakeholders, students, faculty, staff, alumni, locality, and regulatory bodies and recognizes team work. The college ensures to bridge the gap between academia and industries. The college encourages community building and has an inclusive ethical policy. The college promotes diversity of ideas and perspectives, and encourages participation of all members for attainment of institutional goals.
    1. Contributing to National Development

      On an average 80 students graduate from our college annually and about 500 students have graduated from this institute since 2014. The curriculum, syllabus, time table and extra curricular activities are designed and framed in such a manner that the students graduating from this college are technically sound, well equipped, trained and better exposed to jobs/employment opportunities in public and private sector. The admissions in the college have increased more than 6 times since its inauguration in 2012. The college campus is eco-friendly with a well developed library having more than 10000 books with diverse catalogue on a variety of subjects. The campus has an inbuilt browsing centre with LAN facility, full-fledged computer lab with 24 X 7 power back up and IT enabled classrooms.The campus has also facilitation centre for PMSSS, AICTE, post Matric and Tribal scholarship. The campus also have study centers of IGNOU, MANUU and distance education (university of Kashmir). The syllabus and teaching module is framed to facilitate the students for various national and international competitive exams they may attempt in future especially UGC/CSIR NET and Civil service examinations.
    2. Fostering Global Competencies among Students

      The college is committed to empower students and community to achieve success and economic mobility through academic excellence and engagement. The college is betrothed to create an innovative and engaging learning environment. The college provides the skill enhancement courses like Public opinion survey research, Archaeology an introduction, Spoken Arabic, English language teaching, Probability of statistics, Conflict and peace building etc to prepare students for high-need careers and professional growth which will improve the quality of life within community. The courses like mathematical economics, learning skills of drama, sociology of development, democratic awareness and legal literacy, learning skills of media etc are taught to provide high-quality education to students which will help them to achieve core competencies to face global challenges
    3. Inculcating a Value System among Students

      Students are the heart of our institution and we are committed to align resources, decisions and efforts to empower them to succeed. The college promotes transparency, equity and trust through personal and institutional ethics, empathy and compassion. The college promotes principals of inclusion, service, partnership and social responsibility through community engagement. The college provides pathways for personal and professional growth of students and employees which can help in ongoing opportunities in leadership, engagement and advancement.
    4. Promoting the Use of Technology

      Our college is committed to technological advancement. We have IT enabled classrooms and we ensure state-of-the-art educational technologies. The college provides an in-campus documentation centre. The college provides browsing facility with 24X7 power back up. The college has a full-fledged computer lab and also an IT and SS centre. The college has CCTV surveillance of entire campus. The college encourages use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) optimally. The college promotes training and orientation of faculty and students in short term courses, workshops, seminars etc from time to time to make the use of technology as a learning resource easy and readily accessible.Courses like computer applications, Survey research, Programming, Educational technology etc are introduced to learn and explore technology. The college has a well maintained institutional website where all the relevant information and educational material is easily accessible. The college is committed to electronic data availability and accessibility and use of ICT for resource sharing and networking.
    5. Quest for Excellence

      The college is committed to excellence by attaining high quality outcomes in all its undertaking through the continuous process of contemplation, analysis and innovation.