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    ABOUT DEPARTMENT Environmental Science

                    The Department of Environmental Science, Model Government Degree College, Charar-i-sharief, Budgam has been working since the foundation of this college. The Department of Environmental Science strives tirelessly as a team so that our young students may evolve into future guardians of the environment. The main objective of this department is to make students conscientious and concerned towards environment and environmental protection so that they may develop qualities essential for the protection and sustainable growth of nature and natural resources. Environmental Science is a multidisciplinary academic field which systematically studies human interaction with the environment for designing solutions to the present local and global environmental issues and prevention of new ones. The importance of environmental studies cannot be undermined especially in the current scenario when the planet Earth is facing multiple environmental problems. The solution to all environmental issues lies in spreading awareness about the importance of environmental processes including natural resources, biodiversity, ecosystems, pollution etc at the gross root level. It is a basic right of all to live in a healthy environment, as such we ought to handover a better, cleaner, greener, healthier and a sustainably developed environment to the present and future generations by way of connecting them to nature at gross root levels in classrooms and fields as well. 

    Head Of The Department

    Dr Naseer Ahmad Dar

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    Dr. Uqab Ali Baba