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    Fitness Centre/Gymnasium Cultivating a healthy relationship with fitness for personal wellbeing is vital for every individual and more so with college students. According to research published by Harvard Medical School, the following was discovered:
    • Around 67,000 college students from 100 colleges and universities showed high rates of stress.
    • One out of four students were either diagnosed with or treated for mental health issues
    • One-fifth of students had thought about suicide and 20% reported self-injury.
    With such staggering findings, it is time for colleges to take responsibility for the mental and physical wellbeing of students. One great place to start would be to build a fitness center within the college premise. Not only will it help students improve their physical and mental wellbeing but the healthy habits formed in college will stay with them throughout their lives, in this direction, MGDC Charar-i-sharief has established a state-of-the-art fully equipped fitness centre in the college for the students and staff to work out for personal wellbeing.