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    Importance of sports in college

    Undoubtedly, sports and games are essential to develop the students physically as well as mentally. In addition to that, sports and games are known to develop the students holistically. They enhance the personality of individuals by imparting various traits in them. Sports are said to boost alertness, disciple, team spirit, mental ability, confidence and concentration of a student. It doesn’t matter what kind of sports the students are playing and whether they are winning or not. Every sport will always inculcate some amazing traits in them. In college, sports play a key role in moulding the students. These give mental relaxation to the students from their hectic schedule. Furthermore, sports develop students into well-balanced individuals. Apart from that, there are many reasons that stress on sports:
    1. Boost in stamina

      Playing sports on a regular basis will boost the stamina of students. This stamina comes into play when individuals are engrossed in hectic jobs. It allows individuals to perform different tasks without getting tired for a longer period.
    2. Inculcates team spirit

      Irrespective of the field students choose in the future, they must possess team spirit to gain success in the sphere. It is ‘team spirit’ that allows individuals to work in a team and perform well while collaborating with others. By playing different sports, students can develop team spirit. Since all the sports involve teams, students learn to work in a team and support each other.
    3. Imparts self-esteem and attitude

      With attitude and self-esteem, an individual can fight all odds and achieve anything in life. Mark Twain once said, “A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval”. This simply explains that individuals have to be strong and determined enough to think and do for themselves before doing anything for others. It is through sports that individuals gain the right attitude and self-esteem that facilitates them to have a successful journey of life.
    4. Imparts leadership qualities

      Leadership quality is one of the essential qualities that help individuals to march forward in their career. Playing sports regularly allow students to discover their inner-self and gain leadership qualities. An array of sports teaches students to face failures audaciously while emerging as a leader and successor.
    Clearly, in addition to acquiring fitness, students acquire different personality traits from sports. These traits help them in succeeding in their workplace as well as in their personal life. Sports teach different virtues to the students that help them to lead a good life. That is why sports should be an integral part of college. MGDC Charar-i-sharief understands the significance of sports and games for students. That is why it encourages its students to participate in sports regularly. Through sports, students can develop both physically as well as mentally and acquire design thinking.