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    The Importance of time table

    One of the most important components of a college is its time table. That is why all colleges whether small or big, follow a time table. It is a time table that divides the duration of college hours into various periods and designates different subjects on each period. A time table specifies activities that are supposed to be carried out in a department/classroom on a particular day. So, it is quite essential in colleges. Now, let’s find out the importance of time table in a college:

    Ensures that all subjects are studies equally
    A curriculum includes many subjects that every student has to learn. However, the students have their own interests. There are some subjects that students love to study and they want to study those particular subjects only. Without a time table, students will study only their favorite subjects and as a result, they’ll fail in all other subjects. A well-designed time table is a solution to this problem. Colleges time table ensures that all the subjects get equal amount of time so that students can learn effectively.

    Maintains order in the College
    A time table ensures that each class has only one teacher during learning hours of a particular period. Time table also reduces the confusion while learning. Students are very clear about the subject they have to study in a particular period. Furthermore, teachers are also clear about what and how much they have to deliver. This maintains order and discipline in the school.
    In addition to above, the time table makes lesson planning and delivery easy for a teacher by optimization of the time during lesson/topic delivery.